Manufactured Products

Our product are not limited general steel, we also provide wide range products including special steel, cold-finished steel bars, spring steel and unique shaped steel bar with special material.

  Shape of cross
Thickness Width Steel grade Application
Flat bar 平鋼 (通常コバ) 4.0〜50.0mm 32〜250mm SS400, SM400A,
SN400B, SN490B
S45C~ S53C, SGD3KM
Machinery parts,civil engineering
and construction
Flat bar with round corners Flat bar with round corners 6.0〜25.0mm 50〜200mm Complying with ships classification societies
SS400, SUP-6(Spring steel)
Cultivator blade
Flat bar with round edges Flat bar with round edges 5.0〜35.0mm 50〜90mm SUP-6,9,9A,10,11A:Spring steel
SCM435:CrMo steel
Leaf spring for Automobile
Rail clip
Square bar (Bars) Square bar 16〜75mm SS400, E275A
Machinery parts,civil
engineering and construction

Special shaped bar

Shape of cross section Steel grade Application
SGD3KM Automotive parts
High Mn steel Caterpillar track
SS400 Rail fastener
SS400 Rails joint bar
SS400,SM400A Concrete pile joint
SS400, SM400A Construction vehicle wheel
SS400 Piping joint
SS400, S50C Guide rail for automated warehouse
SS400, SM490A Poling strip for civil engineering work
High carbon steel Stone cutting saw
SS400, SM400A Swivel base of construction machine

Concrete pile joint
SS400, SM490A Concrete pile joint
SS400, SM490A A-non-weld joint
(Concrete pile joint)
SS400 Shipbuilding

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Quality authorization

We have obtained various certificates for meet the customer needs.

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